Concept Design

We are transforming our long years of experience and production opportunities into service by using your land / facility in the most effective way to make your business the center of attention with technical and visual designs for the theme parks and amusement parks.


Consistently R & D, design and many years of experience we have gained increasing our investments in technology are creating added value funfair and amusement park Appliance followed closely by Turkey and the world in the manufacture.


With our Family Units, Young Units and Child Units, we guide ourselves aesthetics, durability and quality in the production of amusement park machines that create different entertainment opportunities for all age groups.


Quality and Safety

With our expert engineers and technical personnel, we continue our studies on security in the first degree.


Strength and Flawless Focused Engineering

Our products, which we produce with the aim of trouble-free use for many years, are carefully followed by our experienced engineer staff in both design and production stages and are subjected to robust tests. Thus, we are taking new steps every day in the name of security, robustness and perfection.


As Kılıç Lunapark, we started our activities in our country in 1965 and as of 1976, we continued to operate amusement parks in the most vibrant and important region of Eskişehir, Adalar.

Today, while continuing to operate amusement park in our current location, in our factory, which is established in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone, on a total area of 5000 m², 1500 m² of which is closed;

  • Carousel
  • Ferris wheel
  • Colliding Cars
  • Gondola
  • Equestrian Train
  • Balloon
  • Dragon
  • Shark Trip
  • Tower
  • Crazy dance
  • Booster
  • Frisbee
  • Mini Cabinet
  • The sekolan
  • Mini Gondola
  • Mini Bumper Cars

we continue to provide design and manufacturing services.


In our ongoing works for turnkey amusement park installations with our expert personnel in 1500 square meters of indoor area within 5000 square meters, our productions of 1 tower, 2 apples, and 3 shark trips are currently continuing.


Being able to respond to domestic and international production demands, Eskişehir Kılıç Lunapark also supports and guarantees production with installation and technical support units for after sales support.